SAC, DSAC plant trees at Baghari watershed

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The 10th of July 2015 was yet another challenging and fulfilling day for St. Anthony’s College (SAC).   Selected second year students of the Higher Education Department and personnel of SAC, and partners from the Diocesan Social Action Center (DSAC) conducted this year’s 3rd Tree Planting activity in Baghari, Barbaza, Antique.  Baghari was laid to waste in 2013 by Typhoon Yolanda and was given rehabilitation assistance by Caritas Belgium-Italiana through the DSAC.  The rehabilitation assistance included measures like installation of water systems, water shed delineation and watershed protection.

In their messages, Hon. Edgar Salaver, the Brgy. Chairman; Mrs. Susima Q. Nermal, the DSAC Chief-of-Operation; and Mr. Romy A. Fabila, the CEERO Representative emphasized the value of environmental care and the benefits of planting trees. They said that Earth’s resilience does not only pertain to the forces of nature but also by the act of the inhabitants.  Acts like tree planting activities, in a way, become the resilience of Mother Nature.  Action takers become the resilience of Mother Nature.  The community successfully planted a total of 200 native fruit and timber trees.

The long day was concluded with a feast at noon sponsored by Mr. Avelino Adan, Jr., the owner of the land delineated as Baghari Watershed. The students, together with the other participants expressed joy knowing that what they did was worthwhile, not only for themselves, but for the future of Baghari. Through the activities under the “We Care” program, SAC continues to bring hope to the lands of Antique and ultimately, to the world. (GD)