SAC launches Taramdan sa Lantipulong Kinaray-a

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On 13 November 2015, St. Anthony’s College (SAC) launched the Taramdan sa Lantipulong Kinaray-a (Kinaray-a Grammar Guide), the most comprehensive reference on Kinaray-a grammar to date. Written entirely in Kinaray-a, the reference was earlier endorsed on 6 August 2015 by the Antique Sangguniang Panlalawigan as the standard grammar of Kinaray-a for Antique. The endorsement, timely issued during the Buwan ng Wika, came in the form of Resolution No. 165-2015 sponsored by. Hon. Joseph Eugene D. Alojipan, Chair of the SP Education Committee.

The Taramdan provides a background on the history, spread, development and issues and concerns surrounding the Kinaray-a language; Kinaray-a alphabet and spelling; Kinaray-a word formation; parts of speech; sentence formation; idioms; figures of speech; and punctuation marks. It also discusses several distinct characteristics of the Kinaray-a language including its super pronouns, articles, and verb and noun conjugations, among others.

Jose Edison Tondares, editor of the Taramdan sa Lantipulong Kinaray-a, in his introduction of the reference said “Sa pagpasad kang dyang taramdan, raku ang mga diskusyon nga gindesisyunan para mapabilin and balanse kang ikasarang kang Kinaray-a nga mag-ugwad dungan sa panahon kag sa ana ka dya padayon nga katampad sa kon ano ang kadunaan kang panumduman Karay-a” (In the composition of this reference, several discussions were concluded with the end goal of retaining the balance between the Kinaray-a’s capacity to develop abreast of the times, and its continuing faithfulness to the native Karay-a spirit and worldview).

The Taramdan is a collective research by language professors and local Kinaray-a writers including Alex C. delos Santos, Nora T. Millares, Ana Linda O. Santos, Nelda S. Sumaculub, Jose Edison C. Tondares, Ponciana B. Vegafria and Ma. Rogelia C. Villavert.

Tondares said the project was over a year in the making. Spearheaded by the SAC Research, Planning & Development Office, the composition of the reference was started in August of 2013 and was initially presented to the public on October 2013 and 21 February 2014. Individual consultations and continuing researches were done to address issues and concerns that were raised during the public presentations. Tondares hopes that the Taramdan will provide a more objective platform for the continuing discourses on the Kinaray-a language.

The Taramdan sa Lantipulong Kinaray-a is available at St. Anthony’s College Bookstore. For placement of orders, please call 0906-5567611.