SAC declares 4 August Memorial

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On 4 August 2015, Rev. Fr. Edione R. Febrero, College President of St. Anthony’s College, and Ian Dave A. Acuisa, President of the SAC Student Republic signed the declaration of the “Anthonian Memorial Day for All Victims of Environmental Disasters.” The declaration designates every 4th of August as a day to remind the community of the ills of environmental degradation and a day of community action in support of environmental advocacies across the country. Incidentally, every 4th of August is also the celebration of the Foundation Day of St. Anthony’s College.

The declaration reads, “Henceforth, every 4th of August shall be known as The Anthonian Memorial Day for All Victims of Environmental Disasters. It shall be remembered that today, 4 August 2015, Anno Domini, the Anthonian Community stood in protest against crimes done to the Mother Earth, in sad remembrance of all those whose lives were lost to environmental disasters. This day we declare our solidarity with all those who commit themselves to saving nature. We declare that this Mother Earth, borrowed now that we may survive, will return to the future generations ever bountiful and sustaining, a source of beauty, respite, inspiration and true wisdom.”

The declaration was presented to the public for the first time, at the EBJ Freedom Park during the 4 August 2015 Advocacy Walk attended by around 4,000 Anthonian students and personnel. (JET)