Message from the Registrar

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St. Anthony’s College implements an “open admission – selective retention” policy.  That means students from different levels of educational preparation are welcome to study here.  A student enrolled at SAC, however, needs to keep up with the educational standards followed by the school.  Academic excellence is a core value that must be embodied by every student who becomes part of this institution.  Eventually, the level of academic excellence that a student works on will by itself determine if a student will be retained at SAC.

An intake examination is administered to all those who apply to study here.  This is given by the Guidance Services Offices during the enrolment period.  SAC requires admission applicants to undergo this examination to determine if the applicant will need to take remediation courses to help them cope with the academic demands of a college education.  This is our way of saying we care for you and wish for your success during your stay with us, and after you graduate.

We look forward to seeing you in campus.