Message from the Alumni President

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We have all moved to our goals as we have excitedly dreamed of as young children and carefully planned as students at St. Anthony’s College.  Our formation at this school has made it possible for us to go through challenges, achieve our individual objectives, and lead our families and communities, with better capabilities and confidence.  This school has made it possible for us to develop our core values, professional competencies, and life skills.

SAC has been second home to us.  Here we met our second parents, best friends, esteemed peers, and mentors.  In the spirit of family,  I believe that each one of us, alumni of this beloved school would always like to reconnect with this second home, and each time, we would like to do so with pride and belongingness.

It is this pride and belongingness that we must transmit to the new students, who are now wearing the shoes we wore when we too were bright-eyed, adventurous, and yet worrisome learners.  Let us help provide our school today with greater capability to give young and hopeful souls better learning environment and experiences.  I invite you to support any of the alumni projects planned for this year, or may be even initiate new ones that we can work on.

Finally, do not forget to get in touch.  We may not have seen each other for a long time but certainly time becomes irrelevant for those of us who have shared a commonplace called home.



Alumni President