High School

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St. Anthony’s College (SAC) operates a duly recognized High School Curriculum under Department of Education Recognition No. S-30 series of 2002.  Pursuant to Republic Act 10533 or the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013,  SAC offers both the Junior High School (Grade 7 to Grade 10) and Senior High School (Grade 11 to Grade 12).

Junior High School (JHS)

The JHS is preparatory towards SHS specialization.  A student goes through the core learning areas of English, Filipino, Mathematics, Araling Panlipunan, Science, MAPEH, and Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao.  The JHS core curriculum is enriched by institutional offerings on Christian Living Education (CLE), and Computer Literacy Enhancement Program (CLEP).

From Grades 7-8 a student undergoes an exploratory Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) and elective TLE by Grades 9-10.  The SAC JHS TLE specializations include:

  • Bookkeeping NC III
  • Computer Systems Servicing NC II
  • Cookery NC II
  • Drafting NC II
  • Dressmaking NC II
  • Electronics NC II
  • Food and Beverage Services NC II
  • Healthcare Services NC II
  • Housekeeping Services NC II

Senior High School (SHS)

The SHS is two years of specialized upper secondary education.  A student undergoes core curriculum and special curriculum for his or her chosen career track.  As prescribed by the DepEd, SAC SHS offers a core curriculum in languages, literature, communication, mathematics, philosophy, natural sciences, and social sciences.  The SHS core curriculum is enriched by institutional offerings on Leadership Development (Honing Individuals for Greater Heights Program), Christian Living Education (CLE), and Computer Literacy Enhancement Program (CLEP).

A student’s choice of specialization may provide him or her with government certified competencies useful for entry level employment, as well as significantly determine his or her qualification for entry to a higher education program.  The SHS specialization is expressed in tracks and strands and preferably should be aligned to a college specialization if a student desires a higher level education.

SAC SHS offers the Academic Track, Technical Vocational Livelihood Track, Sports Track and Arts and Design Track. A student may further focus his specialization by selecting an appropriate strand.

Academic Track

  • General Academic Strand
  • Business, Accountancy & Management Strand
  • Humanities & Social Sciences Strand
  • HUMSS Education
  • HUMSS Philosophy
  • HUMSS Religious Studies
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Strand
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Seafarer

Technical Vocational Livelihood Track

  • Bartending NC II
  • Bookkeeping NC II
  • Bread & Pastry NC II
  • Computer Systems Services NC II
  • Consumer Electronics NC II
  • Cookery NC II
  • Dressmaking NC II
  • Food and Beverage Service NC II
  • Healthcare Services NC II
  • Hilot (Wellness Massage) NC II
  • Housekeeping NC II
  • Information & Communication Technology NC II
  • Massage Therapy NC II
  • Security Services NC II
  • Technical Drafting NC II