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Giving is one of the many ways we can do to make a positive difference to our community.  It allows us to make a personal pitch to its improvement and to show support in concrete terms.


At St. Anthony’s College, we have initiated two programs that you can join to help develop underserved communities or sectors.  These programs are the We Care Program, and the Likas Tama Program.


The We Care program


We value what you give to us.  If you decide to give to SAC, be it in the form of money, goods, or services, please let us know.  We can jointly plan how to make what you give matter where it should.



CEER Officer




Please deposit your money gift to the following account:

Account Name: St. Anthony’s College
Account Number: 161-7-16151568-6
Routing No. 026002846
Bank Name: Metrobank
Bank Address: San Jose, Antique, Philippines


E-mail a copy of your deposit or remittance slip to ___________________________ with a cover note stating your name & contact number and how you want the money to be used.  We will issue a receipt as soon as your gift is processed.  We can jointly plan the use of your gift if you wish to.



You may send material gifts to:

Community Extension and External Relations Office
St. Anthony’s College
Gen. Fullon Street
San Angel, San Jose de Buenavista
5700 Antique, Philippines



You may volunteer your services with any of the departments or offices of SAC or the communities it supports.  For proper coordination, write a letter of intent to volunteer addressed to:


Community Extension and External Relations Office
St. Anthony’s College
Gen. Fullon Street
San Angel, San Jose de Buenavista
5700 Antique, Philippines


If you want to speak with an authorized person to discuss the process of giving and your plan giving, you may call ( 036 )09176321546.




Can I select a beneficiary for my gift?
Yes, you may.  We can also discuss further how you can help your pre-identified beneficiary.


Can I make an anonymous gift?
Yes, you may.  We request, however, that you at least inform us how much you sent, when you sent it and for what it is intended.  It will help us monitor the proper usage of your gift.


Can I make a gift in honor of someone?
Yes, you may.  We can discuss your plan further to make the usage of your gift suit the dignity of the person you honor.  We, reserve the right, however, to refuse the gift if the person being honored contradicts the values and beliefs espoused by the school.


To what projects can I direct monetary gifts?
You can direct monetary gifts to scholarship funds, seminars & training, research & development, athletes & cultural performers development, books and equipment purchase, facilities development, laboratories improvement, completion of St. Anthony’s Chapel, capitalization for community-based projects, and calamity relief and recovery funds.  If you feel we need to consider other options, let us discuss your proposal.


I would like to do volunteer work.  How can I make my skills and services useful to SAC and the communities it supports?
If you have strong linkages, you can help make institutional connections for SAC for purposes of policy development, product development, product marketing, fund sourcing, and promotion of SAC’s advocacies.  You can also volunteer to coordinate special advocacy activities of SAC.


If you are a subject area or skill/competency expert, you can conduct lectures, training, small group discussion, and demonstrations in your field of specialization.  You can also hold exhibits and performances at SAC.  You can also become a mentor for students who wish to gear up a bit for their professional preparations.


If you are an IT expert or a programmer, you can volunteer with the Information and Communications Technology Office.  You can undertake modular programming projects to help fully automate the processes at SAC.


You may also join our enrolment campaign which we do across the province, or you can help welcome students to SAC at the beginning of the school year.


During the typhoon season when disasters may occur, you can volunteer to become a relief missionary to prepare, transport, and distribute relief goods to communities in need.  If you are a medical professional, you may also join medical missions.


Depending on your interest, you can also be a volunteer staff of our Community Extension and External Relations Office; Christian Formation Office; Research, Planning and Development Office; and Learning Resource Center.


I would like to send material gifts to SAC.  Are there preferred items to help SAC?
Yes.  We can make use of professional books and references, subscriptions, filipiniana costumes, laboratory equipment, audio-visual aids, athletic training equipment, sports and musical equipment, films and projectors, open source programs, and construction and finishing materials for special facilities.


Material gifts can also be useful for our partner communities.  You can send relief goods, books and educational materials, first aid / emergency kits, livelihood implements, bed sheets and Asian-sized clothing, sports and musical equipment, water pumps for artesian wells, and toilet bowls.  Needs may vary from one community to another.  Discuss your intended gift with the Community Extension and External Relations Office before sending.