Bachelor of Elementary Education

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Government Recognition
B.S.E. No. 33, S. 1965
B.S.E. Ed. No. 32, S. 1965



Program Objectives

The Education Program aims to prepare students to be effective Christian educators and leaders.



A General Education Graduate is one who:

  1. possesses a solid background knowledge of different subjects in the grade school;
  2. can teach across the different learning areas in the grade school;
  3. has a complete understanding of one self so that he/she can relate to others – young children, peers, parents and administrators.

Career Path: Elementary school teacher, Training Specialist, Instructional Material Developer, Researcher, Author

With further study: School Administrator, School Supervisor, Curriculum Design Specialist



Professional Organizations Web Site
Philippine Association for Teacher Education (PAFTE)
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Philippine Statistical Association, Inc. (PSA)