Anthonians snag medals at PRISAA Nationals 2014-2015

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In an unprecedented performance,  six Anthonians snagged medals at the nationals of the Private School Athletic Association (PRISAA) meet held on 11-17 April 2015 in Iloilo City ending several medal thirsty years.  The Anthonian medalists were FLAG athletes Michelle G. Soriano, Hannah Bea M. Ubaldo, Mike John A. Faulan, Allan S. Flores Jr., Jerome T. Manlangit, and 8th Grader Carl Virgil S. Abiera.

Drafted to join the Western Visayas delegation after impressing regional coaches during the Western Visayas PRISAA held in Negros Occidental, Soriano, and Ubaldo, BS Computer Engineering and BS Civil Engineering students, respectively, joined the Softball regional delegation (Central Philippine University Team) coached by Kim dela Cruz and won Gold.  The team successfully defended the crown it already held.  Soriano and Ubaldo were coached in Antique by Rhiza Joi Navallasca.

Faulan, BS Criminology student joined the Athletics regional delegation  (Western Institute of Technology Team) coached by Noel Diel.  Faulan ran the 4 x 400 m relay men, and won Silver, in a win that has been elusive to the region for many years. Faulan was coached in Antique by Jo Ruel Galindo.

Flores Jr., BS Computer Engineering student joined the Tae Kwon Do (Poomsae) regional delegation (Colegio dela Purisima Concepcion) coached by Ronaldo Balasa.  Flores won Silver for individuals, and Silver for mixed doubles.  Flores was coached in Antique by Michael Montinola.

Manlangit, BS Criminology student joined the Karatedo Men regional delegation (Iloilo Doctors’ College) coached by Ronnie Malijan.  Manlangit won Bronze.  Manlangit was coached in Antique by Perfecto Petinglay, Jr.

Abiera, 8th Grader joined the Tae Kwon Do Boys regional delegation (Central Philippine University) coached by Chister John Gersanib.  Abiera won Bronze. Abiera was coached in Antique by Michael Montinola.

The medalists will be receiving scholarships/educational aid from St. Anthony’s College (SAC) as incentives for their outstanding performance.  They are also automatic candidates to the Outstanding Achievement in Sports Award annually conferred by SAC. (JET)