A.B. Political Science

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Government Recognition
A.B. No. 135, S. 1968


Program Objectives

The Liberal Arts Program aims to prepare students in the areas of the Humanities, Social Science and Communication for a holistic life.


A Political Science major graduate is one who:

  1. possesses insights into the major concepts, ideologies, and problems of the government;
  2. exercises humanizing influence on government and political affairs through compassionate Christian leadership;
  3. manifests concern for various sectors of society as they are affected by formulated public policies; and
  4. responds to political situations in the local, national and international milieu through critical assessment of the causes and effects of such situations.

Career Opportunities: State Legislator, Political Communication Analyst, Public Affairs Research Analyst, Public Opinion Analyst, Political Commentator, Social Worker, Social Worker, Developmental Planner, Educator, Immigration Officer, Researcher, General office work

With further study: Lawyer, University Administrator, Intelligence Agent